About Us

TS AFRIQUE deals with buying of cocoa, trading, construction, export and import. Our rich portfolio is as a result of our hard work and loyalty to our clients over the years.
TS AFRIQUE was founded on the principles of honest work and quality service. We build the finest homes and structures within our client’s budgets, we provide professional global transport solutions to our clients, take great pride in providing the most cost-effective, time-efficient international freight forwarding services, provide better services and price for cocoa farmer.

About Us

TS AFRIQUE is into export and import of goods, purchasing and export of cocoa, trading and construction. Our ultimate aim is to provide quality products and services at moderate cost.

About Us

The aim of the TS Afrique is to provide a professional building service which best meet the needs of the Ghanaian public, provides export and import solutions, boost the cocoa industry and take lead in distribution of goods across the globe. Through working closely with our clients and their consultants, we shall find solutions to meet and exceed their requirements.

About Us

TS Afrique gives its cherished clients the value for their money by offering them products with superior quality and value. TS Afrique is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. We seek to contribute to the growth of the Ghanaian society as we grow the company’s business by creating peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees.

what we do


TS Afrique is well equipped to handle any import, no matter how challenging. Our professional customer service staff will keep you informed every step of the way.



TS Afrique provides companies, including multinational corporations benefit from the deep knowledge and experience of our Export-Import professional freight forwarding staffs for export services for a large variety of consumer and industrial products.



Together our team has worked on a countless of challenging projects from lifting homes, refinishing projects, heritage renovations, to construction new homes.



TS Afrique provides supply and distribution of products across the globe ranging from equipment, appliances to heavy duty machines. We deal in retail, wholesale and general merchandise. Our prices and charges beat all the others.

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01. What are some tips on how to ship internationally?

Documentation for exporting a product varies by destination, existing preferential trade agreements (e.g. free trade agreement) and the product itself.
Visit any of our shopping centers to get any of our Locally and Imported Products
TS AFRIQUE is licensed and well recognized under the Laws of Ghana in other to provide services in the areas of Import& Export, Trade and Construction
Our main Export Product is Cocoa

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